In a world that’s ever changing and extremely competitive, it’s imperative that businesses and corporations are identifying ways to continually grow. Whether you are in need of sales support, leadership training, or guidance on how to retain employees (and keep them happy!), Adam will undoubtedly help you accomplish your goal(s).

Most commonly requested presentations for the corporate setting include:


In life and in the workplace there’s always going to be a need for the “ship” to be led. The question is, who will step up to lead it? In this talk, Adam will identify the three key components of an effective leader, and how leadership can help to increase productivity in your work environment.

2) Mentorship in the Workplace

A mentor in the workplace can often be the underlying factor between a new employee success or failure. In this talk, Adam will explore how mentorship played an integral role in helping him go from sleeping in his car to growing his business. In addition, he will identify the five key elements needed to make a mentor/mentee relationship effective, and highlight the benefits such a relationship can have on the individuals directly involved, as well as the group the individuals are a part of.

“In two or three weeks, Adam’s presentation paid for itself through the increased productivity with the managers, increased motivation, and improved attitude.” – Dave Harting, Owner, Crystal Clean

Adam pictured with some of the Gravity Benefits team following a company retreat in 2017.


College can be one of the most exciting, yet challenging times in an individual’s life. For Adam, he decided to move more than 1,200 miles from home to attend college, and soon the feeling of being homesick and the demands of a new intense college schedule had caught up with him. Whether a freshman orientation, leadership development conference, university recreation group, or Greek Life, Adam will undoubtedly help your students to adequately manage the daily stressors of college life, while providing them tangible examples of how skills learned in college can be easily transferable to life beyond college.

Most commonly requested presentations for the college setting are:

1) Fitting In vs. Standing Out

This presentation has been delivered to recreation departments, Greek life, student government’s and freshman orientations. In this talk Adam explores how college students can learn to fit in and when/how to stand out in a positive way. He will share strategies to help students more effectively manage their time, resolve conflict, and become comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zone!

2) Failure Is Not An Option

In college, students are often exposed to “failure” much more frequently than they had been in high school or other areas of life. This presentation is designed to help students develop coping strategies to deal with failure, and how failure can often time be the stepping-stone for success. Adam will identify three principles for helping students overcome their failures in school, work, and life, and how to use them to their advantage.

“Adam James captivated over 500 of our student employees with his story of perseverance with an energy that engaged the audience.  His message challenged the students to pursue and accomplish their passionate dreams of success and to strive to overcome the adversity they may face.  Adam’s speech is one they will not soon forget.” -David Bowles, Director of Campus Recreation, University of Florida

Adam attempting to take a “selfie” following his presentation at the University of Florida.


We get it. Conferences take a lot of work and preparation for you to put on. Allow us to help ease that pressure and anxiety by hiring Adam James as one of your next conference speakers. We promise that from initial correspondence we will be professional, prompt, and precise. No matter the topic, we’re confident that Adam’s story, background, and expertise will help in making your conference a success. He will be sure to excite, engage, and inspire your audience and leave them with a once in a lifetime experience!

Most commonly requested presentations for the conference setting are:

1) Embrace & Enjoy the Journey

In life, each and everyone of us have our own journey. In this keynote, Adam will explore the lessons he’s learned along his own journey and the three principles necessary for one to truly enjoy their journey, now. And how the implementation of such will help individuals in more quickly attaining their dream(s).

2) Sights, Sounds, & Success

Aligned with the business motto, this keynote focuses on how our environment – the things we see and hear daily – affect our ability to reach our peak performance level. In this talk, Adam will share real life stories of people at war, car accidents that left brain damage, diseases, and how the very strategies, principles, and mindset implemented by the people who’d overcome such can too be applicapble to others in most any area of their life.

“Adam was the keynote speaker at our NIRSA Region 2 Conference. His contagious passion for success and enthusiasm for life energized the audience and gave us a renewed purpose for the conference. Adam’s energy brought everyone to the edge of their seats ready to go out and rediscover their own passion and enthusiasm for success.” -Payton Joyner, Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Adam facilitating a small group workshop for the Florida Diversity Council in 2015.