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Adam James

Adam has been invited to be a keynote speaker at varying conferences, large corporate trainings, small business gatherings, and university functions. He’s a former educator – now motivator – who continues to teach but now in a different capacity. He shares principles, techniques, and strategies that help individuals and organizations reach their peak performance level.

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In a world that’s ever changing and extremely competitive, it’s imperative that businesses and corporations are identifying ways to continually grow. Whether you are in need of sales support, leadership training, or guidance on how to retain employees (and keep them happy!), Adam will undoubtedly help you accomplish your goal(s).


College can be one of the most exciting, yet challenging times in an individual’s life. Whether a freshman orientation, leadership development conference, university recreation group, or Greek Life, Adam will undoubtedly help your students to adequately manage the daily stressors of college life, while providing them tangible examples of how skills learned in college can be easily transferable to life beyond college.


We get it. Conferences take a lot of work and preparation for you to put on. Allow us to help ease that pressure and anxiety by hiring Adam James as one of your next conference speakers. No matter the topic he will be sure to excite, engage, and inspire your audience and leave them with a once in a lifetime experience!

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