Our Values

Our values not only serve as a basis for how we will interact with and do business with you, they serve as a basis for how we behave in life. We are constantly reflecting on how we can improve and what we can do to serve more effectively and openly.  We believe knowing what we do is important, that why we do it is even more important, but for who we do it is most important.

What we do is simple. We speak to help make people better.

Why? We want to make the world a better place.

Who we speak for is more complex. We don’t speak for your approval. We don’t speak to hear ourselves or to boost our own ego. We speak for those that can’t; for those that have a message that will go undelivered. We speak for those that feel hopeless and helpless. We speak to empower. To inspire. To encourage. We speak so you can hear us. But more importantly, so you can hear your own inner voice.

Integrity. It’s all we got. We will never waiver on it. We’d rather lose business than enter into a partnership or environment where we believe we’d be asked to compromise on it.

Humility. We subscribe to the belief that if you have to tell someone how good you are, you aren’t that good. We promise to listen before speaking; to serve first and walk softly. Speaking isn’t about us. While you’ll learn more about us and our story, rest assured it’s only relevant to draw in an emotional connection with you; to relate to you and to help you. We promise to always be humble in all of our dealings and interactions.

Care. We care about you. Not the type of care that exists if we do business together, but the type of care that exists for the simple realization that we’re in this thing called “life” together. We genuinely care about you. And always will.

Diligence. We believe it is our duty to learn about you, your event, and/or your organization. We never take for granted an opportunity to serve and therefore, we fully commit to you. We promise to do extensive research, ask meaningful questions, and immerse ourselves in your culture so that we’ll be adequately prepared when we present at your event.

Respect. No matter where you’re from, what you do, or what industry you’re in. We respect you. We promise to show you the utmost respect in all that we do.

Our Story

With little money left in his bank account, Adam packed his belongings in his car. He spent a few nights sleeping from his car before calling upon friends to jump couch to couch over the coming weeks. During these times Adam questioned his own desire to live, was uncertain of his dream, and had felt like a failure he’d never felt like before.

It would’ve been easy to give up on his dream and throw in the towel. But he instead continued to fight. Over the next months, Adam would wake up at 4am to work in a factory, he would spend time working at a golf course, and taking on other initiatives to help get back on his feet while continuing to build his business.

Fast forward one year later, and Adam has shown what hard work and a burning desire can do for someone chasing their dream. He represents the average American who had an above-average dream. He didn’t talk until age 4. Went to speech therapy up until high school. His middle school principal doubted he’d ever even graduate high school. He was never supposed to be provided even just one speaking engagement. His business was supposed to fail miserably. These “roadblocks” are similiar to what YOU too might face. The good thing about Adam’s story, however, is that it’s real. It’s not based on fluff. It’s not in place to make you feel good. The story which he shares and the principles which he speaks upon are in place to help you, too, to accomplish your above-average dreams and goals!

Our Team

Adam James

What started as a vision for a book idea, Adam has transformed Sights, Sounds, & Success into a successful speaking, training, and consulting business that has allowed him to spread his message to thousands around the country. Adam has been invited to be a keynote speaker at varying conferences, large corporate trainings, small business gatherings, and university functions. He’s a former educator – now motivator – who continues to teach but now in a different capacity. He shares principles, techniques, and strategies that help individuals and organizations reach their peak performance level. In addtion to speaking, Adam is an NCAA Men’s Basketball Referee and credits many of the principles he’s learned on the floor as a basis through which he’s been able to build his business. He currently resides in Naples, Florida and loves to stay active within his community by volunteering at a number of non-profits and serving on varying boards.