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What Boxing Taught Me About Life

When asked what has made the biggest impact on my life, I almost always respond in saying – Boxing. No, I’m not a tough guy, and no, I don’t claim myself to be a fighter. In fact, I think I’m just the opposite of such. But I feel strongly that the reason I’m not a […]

Hungry, Hard, & Humble

A few years ago I received a text message from a dear friend and mentor of mine which read as follows: “Adam, always stay hungry, hard, and humble. Just be you.” Although I don’t know Ted’s initial intent or perceived meaning, that message – those compilation of words – made a profound difference and impact […]

What I Learned While Sleeping in My Car

As promised in my post Thursday, “Are You Willing to Sleep From Your Car?” I’m following up to share with you the four things I learned during some of the most trying times in my life. 1) Failure does not define us. We define it. Too frequently people will fail at something and then give […]

Are You Willing to Sleep From Your Car?

Almost daily I get asked, “Adam, I’m thinking of quitting my day job and following my dreams – where should I start?” And I always respond in saying, “Before we go any further, I have to ask you:are you willing to sleep from your car?” For those that are close to me, they know the […]

You Want the Answer…….? Here It Is!

Let me break something down for you. There are no magical fixes in life and there certainly are no shortcuts to success. Yet, we live in a world where everyone believes that there is. We are constantly bombarded with information, advertisements, and infomercials through the news, social media, and our peers. It’s almost daily that […]

Dream Your Dream

Look. All human beings have a dream. At one point or another in our lives we all longed to accomplish more, do more, and be more. Yet, often times, somewhere along the way we begin to lose that vision; we lose our hope. We allow our circumstances to pull us back to “reality.” Or even […]

In the Face of Death

Over a year or so ago, I had watched a commencement speech that had been delivered by the late Steve Jobs. In the speech he shared much wisdom with the newly Stanford college graduates. It was a small piece of that wisdom that made an impact on my life. In short, Jobs had told the […]

Service Your Debt; Service Your Passion

About five months ago I received some invaluable advice that is certain to last a lifetime. You see, right about that time I was questioning my ability to succeed in my newfound motivational speaking business. I’d just quit two jobs – one of which I could’ve lived in comfortably for the remainder of my life […]


This time, about four years ago, I was preparing to run my first Miami Half Marathon. While in training, I didn’t have my sights set on any particular (time) goal, all I knew is that I wanted to finish the race, and secondly I didn’t want to walk any part of the race. As race […]

Why Not Me?

Just a little over a year ago my brother, Ryan, had decided to begin his own law firm. Upon graduating from law school, he’d begun working at a small firm where he didn’t feel as though his experiences were leading him to become a better lawyer, nor did he feel his work and input were […]