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Risk & Reward

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day off and was able to spend time with family and friends. If you did have to work today, I hope you made the very best of it, too! Below, you will find the first video to my new YouTube channel. I […]

Keep Believing in Yourself

During Christmas break of my freshman year of college, my mom welcomed me with this small card of encouragement. She probably thought that I would keep it for a week or two then toss it away upon traveling back to Florida. I didn’t. In fact, I’ve held on to for almost five years and during […]

Staring Out; Into What?

As I’d been walking the Naples Beach a few weeks back, I found myself on their pier staring out into the ocean with more than a hundred men and women doing exactly the same. While allowing my mind to wander, I happened to think, "what are all these people staring out into? What am I […]

Sights & Sounds

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated in understanding what makes people "tick". Or in other words, why do people do what they do? It truly hit me even more so after I moved to beautiful Southwest Florida. I would fly back home during holidays to the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and […]